Vidpro SD-1 SD-MiniSD-MicroSD Card Holder

Vidpro SD-1 SD-MiniSD-MicroSD card holder stores, organizes and protects up to 8 SD-MiniSD-MicroSD memory cards.

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Vidpro SD-1 SD-MiniSD-MicroSD Card Holder

Vidpro SD-1 SD-MiniSD-MicroSD Card Holder, with this data box model, presented by Vidpro at this time, you can protect your memory cards and protect your digital photo files as it is a convenient and practical protective card cover of memory.

It is perfect for storing, organizing and protecting up to 8 SD-MiniSD-MicroSD memory cards. The Vidpro model has an aluminum housing with ABS plastic rims. As shown, in this case it closes securely and opens at the touch of a button. Inside, it features a molded hard rubber lining that keeps your memory cards neat and secure, and the cutouts of the thumbnails make card removal safe and easy.

This is the safe way to not leave your expensive memory cards exposed to outside and that can be mistreated or lost. With this product you can keep them safe and protected in the SD-Micro SD SD-1 card holder protective case.

Vidpro SD-1 SD-MiniSD-MicroSD Card Holder Fatures:

  • Material Aluminum with ABS plastic trim.
  • Type of closure under pressure.
  • Exterior dimensions 4.0 x 0.75 x 2.8 “(10.16 x 1.91 x 7.11 cm) (width x height x height).
  • Type of SD media, MiniSD or MicroSD memory cards.
  • Transportation / transport options Inside a digital camera bag.

In The Box:

  • Package Weight 0.3 lb.
  • Dimensions of the box (LxWxH) 4.5 x 3.0 x 0.7″.

A memory card or flash memory card is the means of data storage that keeps the data transferred and saved correctly, all the data you need to maintain the information. Another characteristic that we can mention is that it is a type of non-volatile memory, that is, it conserves the data even with the loss of electrical energy. The storage devices that read and write these types of cards are called memory card readers.

Note: Each Product is Sold Separately.

  • Vidpro SD-1 SD-MiniSD-MicroSD Card Holder.
  • SD Memory Card – MiniSD -MicroSD.
  • Memory card reader.

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