Roland VR-50HD Professional Mixer

Roland VR-50HD Professional Mixer is a technology electronic device, multi-format , for switch and mix audio and video in high quality



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Roland VR-50HD Professional Mixer is an electronic device for mix and switch audio & video.  it has incorporated  12 inputs  and  4 video channels, that  offers to you the best quality for recordings and transmissions

 You have a HD Production Studio with 

Roland VR-50HD Professional Mixer  


It has the latest technology and an improved interface, it can be used both as a switch and as a mixer,

so, you get a very complete product, capable of satisfying the highest multimedia demands.

What’s new Roland VR-50HD Professional Mixer ?


Ronald VR-50HD offers you a high compatibility equipment, with connections to cameras, blu ray. DVD, computers, microphones and   more! The mixer incorporates both digital and analog connectors. You can also use the HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, ideal for HD recordings
If you need to connect your computer to the VR-50HD mixer now it is possible!

You can connect your computer to Roland VR-50HD using advanced USB port (3.0 & 2.0).

Additionally, all the digital video output connectors have embedded audio, which you can use in a personalized way
You get a  Full HD Studio in one device!

Awesome touch screen
VR-50 HD professional mixer, brings for you, a high-tech touch screen, 7 inches, which allows you to take control in mixing and switching audio and video.

Its advanced interface allows you  can view up to 4 image inputs at the same time . It is easy to use, intuitive and fast. You can do all the operations from this screen, without the need to connect other external monitors.

Improvements, effects and filters!
Roland company, presents a series of features that improve the quality of transmissions and audio and video recordings. Such as picture-in-picture, Key Compositing and more!

Besides it improvement of digital audio in 12 channels are available, using functions such as: Delay, audio follow, and equalization that you can customize according to your needs

Main Features

  • 12 input, 4-Channel
  • 12-Channel Digital Audio Mixer
  • USB3.0 Video/Audio Output
  • Preview Touch Monitor
  •  3G/HD/SD SDI, HDMI, RGB/Component & Composite Supports
  • HDCP Support
  • Embedding of audio &  delay
  • Recomended for videography, conference and webstreaming

Roland VR-50HD has become

the favorite of multimedia experiences!

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