Panasonic AJ-PX5000G P2 HD Camcorder

The Panasonic AJ-PX5000G P2 HD Camcorder is a full sized ENG style HD camcorder with an interchangeable lens system that captures Full HD video

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The Panasonic AJ-PX5000G P2 HD Camcorder is a full sized ENG style HD camcorder with an interchangeable lens system that captures Full HD video to P2 or micro P2 media cards. The camera records HD Video in either NTSC or PAL compatible frame rates, to the AVC-Ultra family of codecs. In addition to the two micro P2 slots and two standard P2 card slots, the camcorder incorporates an SD card slot for proxy/metadata recording. The camera body incorporates a 3.45″ flip out LCD screen and can accept optional B&W or Color Viewfinders

The Panasonic AJ-PX5000G P2 HD Camcorder is well suited to capture breaking news as it records approximately 8 seconds of video in standby mode, so you can record about 8 seconds of video before pressing the record button. For long developing news situations, you can record in loop mode, letting the camera record to your data cards and then start recording over allocated space on the cards. It records using codecs that include AVC-Intra and 10-bit AVC-LongG50/25 and supports Dual Codec recording with the Full-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Incorporated image control tools include: CAC (Chromatic Aberration Compensation) when using a CAC compatible lens, DRS (Dynamic Range Stretch and a choice of 7 Gamma selections.

The Panasonic AJ-PX5000G P2 HD Camcorder features digital zoom, an electronic shutter, two rotating optical filters, focus assist, Zebra, Y-Get, a simplified Waveform and Vectorscope display, and five user assignable function buttons. The camera features 3G-SDI inputs and outputs, allowing you to pass feeds from and to other cameras, and a slot for optional two channels wireless receivers. A wired network port allows you to remotely control the camera using an optional studio remote panel. The built-in USB 3.0 port allows high-speed file copying to compatible storage media of 2TB or less directly from the camera without requiring a computer.

Key Features

  • Built-in ND filters (Off, 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 ND)
  • Zebra: Select any two levels from among 0% to 109%, in 1% steps. A mode also allows two patterns to be overlaid and displayed.
  • Y-GET: Measures brightness at center and displays numerical data.
  • Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) provides a wider dynamic range with minimal blown highlights and blocked shadows.
  • Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) function works with a CAC-compatible lens.
  • Focus Assist: Features Focus in Red, Expand, and Focus Bar display functions. Focus in Red and Expand can be allocated to User buttons for one-touch control.
  • Shockless White Balance: A smooth transition occurs when switching White Balance modes. This is effective, for example, when moving from outdoors to indoors.
  • WFM: Simplified Waveform and Vectorscope display.
  • Five user assignable buttons on the camera body allow you to quickly access your most used functions.
  • The USB port supports USB 3.0 as a host, and USB 2.0 as either a host or device. You can connect an optional (AJ-WM30) wireless module that allows wireless LAN (IEEE802.11 standard) connection for tablet or smartphones linking.
  • Setup Files: Eight camera setup data files (including four scene files) can be saved on an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card.

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