Marshall Electronics V-ST17 Support

Marshall Electronics V-ST17 Support, fixed support model for 17 “monitors.


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Marshall Electronics V-ST17 Support

Marshall Electronics V-ST17 Support, is the fixed support model for monitors such as the 17 “V-R171P-AFHD LCD, which helps us to optimize the space used by our team, it is also useful to improve the position of perception and sharing the points of view There are different models of supports, wall, table, in this case desk.

The needs depend on the activities performed by the user, whether in employment, in the family business, at home or if we carry out extracurricular activities of the school, everything leads to deciding whether we need a support accessory or not.

Sometimes it is necessary to buy a monitor stand simply because of the little space we have to use our equipment, however, this will give us the ease of placing it in the right place and will help us to have a better organized desk. At the same time that it protects our investment, it presents technology and at a low cost.

Marshall Electronics V-ST17 Support, is a monitor stand that has the function that can be adjusted to the needs of the user, vertically and horizontally, is regularly built in rugged aluminum and has strong clamps. One of the aspects to consider and respect are the specifications of size and weight to avoid malfunction or damage to our equipment.


  •   Fixed support for desktop monitor.
  • Compatible with 17  “V-R171P-AFHD LCD monitors.

What do you expect to acquire this innovative product? That will bring technology at your fingertips and all at an affordable cost. Contact our Highly Qualified Professionals to answer all your questions, related to the product of your interest.

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