Anywave RF Layer Monitoring Receiver – Signal Analyzer

Anywave RF Layer Monitoring Receiver – Signal Analyzer is a integrated device for remote monitoring applications or in-field and production tests.


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Anywave RF Layer Monitoring Receiver – Signal Analyzer was designed as an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution. furthermore it can be integrated into the transmitter system for remote monitoring applications or another use as a stand alone unit during in-field and production tests.

Due to it is integrated into a transmitter system the receiver can also be used as a transmitter site monitoring and controlling platform.

Anywave RF Layer Monitoring Receiver – Signal Analyzer Features:

  • Monitoring and measurement at RF Modulated Layer at the transmitter output.
  • Real performance metrics of the transmission system.
  • Combination of functional and measurement capabilities with cost effectiveness of the Receiver/Analyzer guarantees.
  • Ideal solution for monitoring RF signal quality of remote transposers, rebroadcast links, repeaters, and also unmanned sites.
  • Comprehensive set of critical RF measurements including signal MER/SNR, frequency spectrum, shoulder attenuation, frequency shift, etc.
  • Estimation of signal distortions at the transmitter system output sice the system non-linearity AM-AM/am-PM curves and band-pass filtering – group delay.
  • Amplitude and phase responses with an ability to use the estimated numbers in a form of complex LUT and FIR for non-linear pre-correction.
  • Early indication of signal degradation as a result of the transmitter system components aging or operational parameter variations.
  • An embedded solution for remote applications, in-field diagnostics, production testing and design verification.
  • Flexible solution with the in-field upgrade capability including diagnostic and anothers monitoring features.
  • Rich plotting capabilities for data visualization.
  • Transmitter site monitoring device eith set hardware interfaces.
  • Finally, event log.

Anywave RF Layer Monitoring Receiver – Signal Analyzer Overview:

First of all in the context where broadcasters are concerned about providing the highest QoS with extending coverage of the existing transmitters and, much as, reducing their network OPEX cost and limiting impact on the environment.

Anywave released the RF Layer Monitoring Receiver product line. This line is base on the ActiveCore Platform to address the Broadcasting industry´s most demanding needs for monitoring and diagnostics of:

  • Transmitter system performance.
  • Signal quality transmitted and delivered to the service subscribers.

In addition the Anywave RF Layer Monitoring Receiver – Signal Analyzer performs critical RF estimations of MER, SNR, EVM and signal spectrum therefore provide early diagnostic of the signal degradation before any impairment is noticeable to the end customer.

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