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Wood on Century Commodities

Thinking about our planet, Skytek Global is a company supplying materials for the industrial production of products of the type that meets the highest quality standards but at the same time has consolidated and demonstrated its commitment to caring for the environment, maintaining a philosophy ecological in each of its production processes and obtaining the raw material.

Wood, including the oldest, renewable resource used for man as fuel, even before coal, is a generator of energy and a fuel for the smallest burn to the atmosphere that fuels like oil. And its cost is much lower. Wood is also a raw material par excellence for the realization of products and projects, from home structures such as; sales, ceilings, walls, up to furniture for the home, such as chairs, tables, cabinets, etc. In addition, wood has become one of the preferred materials of the world companies, for its versatility, great commercial value and consumer acceptance.

Why Choose Us

Certainly, Skytek Global provides solutions in wood supplies, always using industrial processes of recycling of low energy cost and with ecological conscience, has managed to offer its customers wood as a raw material; for different types of applications, depending on the needs of our customers.

The use of wood at an industrial level; it is one of the ecological energy alternatives that reduce the energy cost of production and that can use and protect our planet earth, the most important resource for humanity.

In addition, Skytek Global, became your ally, offering a highly qualified customer service, which would help you in the search, selection and purchase of products, types of raw materials. You can choose in different electronic media; as Call center, e-mail and social networks to access information about our products and services.

Clean Unpolluted

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Easy and Affortable

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Lasting & Long Term

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Generated From Nature

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Research & Development


Do you need wood for your projects? Skytek Global, offers a range of possibilities for you to make your projects bigger, is a leading supplier in wood as a raw material.

  • Natural resource.
  • Less felling of trees.
  • Products with greater durability.

Every day thousands of trees are cut down, which potentially harms our ecosystem, although wood is a renewable resource, indiscriminate felling causes severe damage to flora, fauna and ecosystems, for that reason; Skytek Global has developed techniques for the renewal and reuse of wood, for fine, industrial and commercial purposes, making us a leader in wood supply.

A process with low energy cost and high technology in Century Commodities, a leading company is the distribution of raw material for the mass production of products, always with ecological conscience.

We not only sell materials, we are a company that is inspired by a better future for your company, we are allies and we make great projects, we are protectors of the planet. We are Century Commodities.

Innovative Products and Service for Construction Projects and Automative Service.