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Recycling is one of the healthiest practices to prolong the life of our planet earth, but also one of the industrial practices that most favors all commercial sectors, as it leads to sustainable development and low production and marketing costs. The recycling is the constant renewal of material that was believed lost, to create new materials, objects and products to the market

In this way and looking for ecological alternatives, Century Commodities not only thinks about its distinguished clients, but also in the protection of the environment, without in any way causing deterioration in the quality of the raw material it produces. Century Commodities complies with the most stringent international quality standards, such as ISO standards

Why Choose Us

We are inspired by the future, taking care of our present and valuing the benefits offered by our planet, for this, we offer our customers a highly trained customer service team, which allows you to guide customers in the search, selection and purchase of raw material for each of your projects, becoming allies of your projects, Century commodities is the supplier of raw material that inspires everyone to a better future and a happy planet!

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Lasting & Long Term

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Generated From Nature

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Research & Development


The versatility of plastic, has become one of the favorite materials in the designs of various types of products, but its biodegradation is usually a slow process, and little used by society, Century Commodities under its environmental philosophy, has the latest technology in plastic waste processing to supply plastic of high purity and quality, and of different types, qualities and prices according to the utility that our customers wish to give.

  • Best raw materials.
  • Social responsability.

As a result, the demand for plastic production, as raw material becomes increasingly high, and whose massive production, usually brings negative consequences against the environment, so that Century Commodities offers an ecological solution at lower cost of raw material of plastic, for the production of various products. So, when you choose Century Commodities as your supplier, you are choosing a winning option for all, low energy cost, low production cost, high quality and less environmental damage. Definitely, it’s the option where everyone wins!

The raw material, constitutes the base price and the quality standard of all products that go on the market, plastic is one of the most requested raw materials in the world industry; in manufacturing and marketing of various items ranging from household utensils such as plates, cups, containers to parts and parts of various equipment, toy manufacturing and much more.

The business policy of Century Commodities is based on the obtaining of raw materials, through the use of industrial processes based on recycling techniques of low energy cost and sustainable over time. In an industrialized world and with a very high growth of consumerism, it is necessary to constantly renew through recycling, various materials such as; metals, glass, paper, plastic and many more. They are the most requested by companies worldwide to create new products.

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