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Papers and Cardboard

In a growing world, consumerism has reached high levels, causing companies to drastically increase production levels, which, as a consequence, leads to greater demand for raw materials from production companies. Thinking about this situation Century Commodities is a company that offers profitable and sustainable solutions over time, which allow the development of environmental and ecological policies that seek to protect the environment and resources of our planet, but at the same time offers business solutions with the Obtaining high quality raw material, using low energy cost processes but high quality.

Recycling at the industrial level is one of the main sources of renewal and production of raw materials, which Century Commodities develops to obtain raw material in different industrial areas. The business philosophy of Century Commodities is based on the sustainable production of resources and raw materials that will last over time and guarantee a better future.

This renewal of resources and materials through industrial recycling is a winning practice, since it reduces costs, thanks to its low energy cost and by reducing raw material costs, our distinguished customers can also reduce their production costs. But this is not all. The productions of low energetic cost, reduce significantly the possible damages to the environment. Making that by choosing Century Commodities, we all win!

Why Choose Us

Inspired by a better future, Skytek Global presents a wide variety of raw materials related to the Paper and Cardboard sector, obtained under industrial recycling processes and where our customers can choose these materials in different types of qualities, offering a range of possibilities that can fit your projects.

Clean Unpolluted

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Easy and Affortable

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Lasting & Long Term

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Generated From Nature

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Research & Development


We are here to help you! We not only supply materials or we are a supplier, our mission is to guide you to make the right choices regarding raw material of paper and cardboard. For this, we have put at your disposal different means of customer service via call center, e-mail and through a host of social networks, which give you advice in the search, selection and purchase of the material you want.

  • Save money.
  • Save the forest.

Carton and paper are highly demanded raw materials and hundreds of trees worldwide are cut down for their production, Century Commodities thanks to its high technological level in manufacturing processes and its ecological conscience has put at your disposal quality and at the same time ecological solutions for that you consolidate your projects.

Experience, quality and company, are ready to offer you Century Commodities, a company that has a large work team and a long experience in obtaining high quality paper and cardboard. We are oriented to give you those opportunities, to make your business great and together to prosper in our commercial projects. We are a friendly company, whose inspiration is a better future planet.

We sell premium materials, we improve ecological consciences, we make your projects great and we take care of the planet. This is how we are, Century Commodities, a leading supplier of paper and cardboard raw materials.

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