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Metals on Century Commodities

Century Commodities Company has a high sense of ecological responsibility and care for the environment, consequently  we have developed high technology for the development of raw materials through recycling techniques, ensuring sustainable development for both the environment and your company.

Unlike other companies, Century Commodities develops industrial practices with low energy costs which significantly reduces production costs, so it can offer its customers raw materials at a low price, which provides advantages for all, a philosophy of industrialization, production and trade where there are no losers, we all win!

The use of metals has become one of the most requested materials in the manufacture of various products and accessories, of the best known brands worldwide, ranging from kitchenware, screws to circuits, electrical equipment, automotive parts, parts for machinery and much more!

In this way, Century Commodities is a leader in the supply of metals as a raw material for the production of various products. For this, they use diverse techniques and industrial machinery destined to the recycling of metals, a practice that helps to protect our planet

As for the obtaining of metals as raw material, our company has a highly qualified personnel, which uses industrial techniques with international standards, in order to provide durable materials capable of satisfying the most demanding demands.

Additionally, The Century Commodities Company offers a group of commercial advisors and various online services that aims to offer a high quality service to the attention of our most precious asset, our customers. In this way, we offer personalized advice to each one of our clients so that they can make the best decisions and obtain the most profitable solutions, which make their commercial projects and large companies successful.

Why Choose Us

We are a company whose purpose is to provide solutions to your industrial and commercial projects, our trained commercial advisors; they will help you in the search, selection and purchase of the metallic supplies that your company or project needs.

We provide metals in different types of qualities and for different types of utilities, as required. But we also have a trained technical team that is responsible for verifying and qualifying each of the types of metals that we bring to the market, in order to guarantee the quality of each the supplies that we offer to the customers.

Clean Unpolluted

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Easy and Affortable

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Lasting & Long Term

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Generated From Nature

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Research & Development


Distinction, quality and commitment are values ​​put into practice by Century Commodities, to make the world aware of the value of non-renewable resources and, in turn, to undertake business and high-quality industrial processes without harming the environment. We think about Innovation and the future that inspires others.

  • Levels of hardness.
  • Resistance.
  • Malleability.

You just have to change old habits and apply the three Rs theory: reduce, reuse and recycle. Our most daily habits have a lot to do with the global degradation of the planet. Acts as routine as throwing away garbage without separating it, buying disposable utensils.

Levels of hardness, resistance, malleability are just some of the features we specify in each of the supplies, so you can get technical information that allows you to make the best choice. Your decision to choose supplies based on industrial processes with recycling techniques is a decision that care the environment.

Recycling and recovery of waste. At skytekglobal, we are authorized metal waste managers certified by the Community. In our recycling plant for metals and scrap, we have machinery and personnel specialized in processing metallic waste for reuse.

Innovative Products and Service for Construction Projects and Automative Service.