It’s very simple, first you need to enter on , where you can find the best professional and video products, accessories and more.

number2On you can search on the different categories about audio, video, transmission, IP, satellite, or you can write the product that you requires, based on your needs in the searching box.




Winumber3th one click on the tool , you will see all description, price, features, about the professional audio and video products than you haved selected



Selstep4ect the total items than you need and click on “Add to cart”. You will see this items reflected on “Shopping cart”. Then click them to complete your purchase. If you want to search more products, follow the step 2.



Wnumber5hen your shop is ready, click on “Shopping cart”. You can “view your cart” for see with details all items in cart, or you can choose “check out” to fill the billing information.



Younumber6r order will be reflected with all details about the tools that you have selected: Product, Subtotal, Shipping, and total. When you’re ready, click on “Proceed to paypal” and that’s it! Now you have your order ready!