Datavideo CG-300 SD-HD Software

  • CG-300 Instruction Manual
  • CG-300 Installation CD-ROM
  • CG-300 USB Hardware Key


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The CG-300 from Datavideo is a powerful titling program designed especially for the live broadcast and video post-production environment. It has a very flexible and easy to use, title compose program to create high quality title pages. Once the title pages have been composed, they can be displayed automatically or completely under Manual Control.

You can display a list created ahead of time to make on air usage a simple, one keystroke operation, or you can randomly select the title pages while on air. Even with a display list, you still maintain the flexibility for those last minute changes.

With the   can also display standard format graphic, title pages and graphic images can be freely intermixed with one another in any order.

Title pages can contain text, background colour boxes, geometric shapes, full colour graphic images as logos and either a background graphic. You can select the text however you want, it’s created using truetype typefaces and can be sized, kerned, rotated, and italicized. Each character can have up to two edges and three shadows. The character’s edges and shadows can be colorized with a solid colour, a vertical colour spread, a colour gradient (4pt, 5pt, or linear), or textures.

CG-300 has Media Catalogues

  • These images can be quickly added to the Display List Editor to create a display list.
  • The Title Catalogue shows the pages in the current project.
  • The Graphic Image Catalogue shows the graphic images stored in the folders that are included in the Catalogue.

Preview Control Buttons

  • Edit Title.
  • Start Auto Sequence.
  • Page Off.
  • Display Previewed Page.
  • Display Image and Preview Next.


  • Compatible with either HD or SD.
  • Work on the fly or run programmed events.
  • Easy to master.
  • Supports BMP, JPG, GIF, PCX, TIF and TGA image formats.

CG-300 Specifications

Operating Systems

  • Recommended: Windows 7, 10
  • Legacy (Qualified but no longer recommended): Windows XP, Vista, 8

Processor CPU

  • For Still Titles and Images: 1 GHz 32-bit
  • For Full Screen Animations with Multiple Layers of Titles and Images: Dual Core 64-bit 3 GHz (minimum)


  • 16GB

Hard Disk Space

  • 100 Mbytes of unused space (minimum)

Graphics Card

  • 24 or 32 bits per pixel

Video Interface Card/Device

  • Datavideo TC-200

Black Magic Design’s Decklink Cards

  • AJA Kona Cards (LHe and LHe+)

USB Port

  • PC must have at least one unused USB port to install the Hardware Key (Dongle)

Info Pakage

  • CG-300 Instruction Manual
  • CG-300 Installation CD-ROM
  • CG-300 USB Hardware Key


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