SmallHD HDMI-HDMI Cable Adapter

SmallHD HDMI-HDMI Cable Adapter (CBL-SGL-HDMI-HDMI-THIN-12) is high technology in connections for HDMI devices. Modern and Easy to Use!



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SmallHD HDMI-HDMI Cable Adapter is the perfect accessory for Small HD electronic devices, it allows connections from HDMI port to HDMI port.  Besides ,  It’s Highly compatible, modern and easy to use

Small HD compay has created a line of accessories, which improve the performance of Small HD products.   When you are buying  Small HD accessories, you are not making an expense but an investment. You can get better performance, functionality. and compatibility.

Get  better  transfer Audio & Videos using SmallHD HDMI-HDMI Cable Adapter!

Small HD HDMI-HDMI Cable Adapter used in blu rays, monitors, tv, video consoles and much! Its design allows various possibilities of connections between different HDMI devices

It is made of the best materials, highly resistant to environmental conditions. It is lightweight and easy to carry

What new about SmallHD HDMI-HDMI Cable Adapter ?

HDMI adapter cable has become in a multimedia solutions for enjoy of all your devices at same time or adapting to new functions.  For example : You can watch videos from your Tablet to TV. or from your PC to  TV.

Also it used for transfers videos , photos, from digital cameras to TV

SmallHD CBL-SGL-HDMI-HDMI-THIN-12 inches is a HDMI Cable Adapter, stardard quality, 19 pines and type A, Cable ends male stardard- male standard. It can be used for standard and hd quality.

Main features

  • Model: CBL-SGL-HDMI-HDMI-THIN-12 (12 inches)
  • From HDMI to HDMI
  • Thin cable and easy to carry
  • Male standard  HDMI-Male standard  HDMI
  • HDMI Type A
  • Lightweight:1oz (28.35g)
  • Length: 12-inches
  • Outer Diameter: 2.75mm
  • uncompressed audio/video signals supported
  • Fully HDCP compliant to Provide highest level of signal quality
  • Multiple audio formats, from stereo to multi-channel sound supported
  • Perfect for both high-definition video & standard video formats
  • Easy to use.
  • Highly compatible with all HDMI devices

Enjoy the Best Multimedia Experience with

SmallHD HDMI-HDMI Cable Adapter!

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