SmallHD ACC-SP-500-ACR

SmallHD ACC-SP-500-ACR, protector in acrylic, for monitors of the 500 series.



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SmallHD ACC-SP-500-ACR

SmallHD ACC-SP-500-ACR, is screen protector in hard acrylic, from SmallHD is installed without tools on the 500 series monitors.

Protecting the front of the screen. Since it is installed with a plastic clip, replacements can be easily made in the field with a minimum of downtime.

SmallHD ACC-SP-500-ACR, is a Screen Protector, Anti-Reflective.

It does not blur or distort the information, it prevents the occasional viewers from viewing images and the information that you are handling, in addition to protecting.

SmallHD ACC-SP-500-ACR, from SmallHD is designed to protect the screen of your field monitor from scratches, fingerprints, surface spots and abrasion. It has characteristics that adapt to your computer environment.

This acrylic screen protector is compatible and maximum protection with monitors from the 500,501,502 SERIES

It is an accessory compatible with SmallHD monitors and resistant to scratches.


  • Accesory Type: Screen protector.
  • Compatibility: SmallHD 32 “
  • Brand: Small.
  • Screen protection
  • reflective surface.
  • Availability: In Stock

This protector is not compatible with UltraBright monitors

Main features of SmallHD ACC-SP-500-ACR

Protect against scratches, anti-reflective, professional.

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It is one of the best protective Acrylic Anti-reflective monitor of the 500 series. What are you waiting for?

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