Skaarhoj WIFI-B4 Link Connection

The Skaarhoj WIFI-B4 Link Connection control your Blackmagic URSA Mini (+ Pro) and the Studio Camera series wirelessly


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The Skaarhoj WIFI-B4 Link Connection control your Blackmagic URSA Mini (+ Pro) and the Studio Camera series wirelessly. Send CCU data via SDI or WiFi, whatever you prefer. This device allows you to do all these great things wirelessly. No more cables.

Skaarhoj is dedicated to making operation of broadcast hardware easier for people making live video and the Rack Fusion 1 is a great example of this dream in action. Furthermore, is a piece of hardware that will grow with you as your needs expand, regardless of whether they do so tomorrow or in two years.

Skaarhoj is based on more than 15 years of service, survival through dot-com bubbles and dedication to quality, innovation and open source. You’ll be amazed by the complexity and details in each product.

This device receives CCU data over WiFi, if connected. The source of this information must be a SKAARHOJ UniSketch OS based controller set up to send commands to a given Skaarhoj WIFI-B4 Link Connection device. Any received data for CCU will be converted to SDI Camera Control commands on the SDI output as well as forwarded to the analog B4 Lens.

Skaarhoj WIFI-B4 Link Connection Features

  • Receives control signals either via WiFi or incoming SDI
  • CCU control your Blackmagic Camera wirelessly (WiFi)
  • Control iris on analog B4 lens via SDI or WiFi
  • Hirose 12-pin connector
  • Preview/program tally on small LED
  • GPI Output for external tally lamp
  • Iris lens calibration feature
  • Compatible with Studio Camera series and URSA Mini (+Pro)
  • Dimensions: 9.5 x 7.5 x 3 cm
  • Weight: 0.175 kg

Selector Switch

The camera selector switch determines the camera ID for the Hirose connector only and not the camera ID on the SDI out. This is set on the main controller. The camera ID is set for any case with selection from 1-9. If the selector is set in positions A-F special functions are activated instead. You can change the switch selector using a small screw driver.

  • 0 = Deactivated
  • 1-9 = Camera 1-9
  • A = Creates momentary access point to set up the network parameters
  • B = Deactivated
  • C = Deactivated
  • D = Runs test program where the lens iris will close and open in a cycle that will prove that it works
  • E = Reset calibration
  • F = Calibration mode

WiFi Setup

The WIFI-B4 Link has a WiFi client built in which must connect to a WiFi network you have provided. This network must be connected to a SKAARHOJ controller that can send data to the WIFI-B4 Link.

Now it will create an open Access Point with the SSID ”WIFI-B4 Link”. Connect to this network, open a webbrowser and go to Here you will find a web interface where you can configure the parameters. Save, move the camera selector switch away from position ”A” and power cycle the device.

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