Roland V-4EX Video Mixer 4CH

Roland V-4EX Video Mixer 4CH is an electronic device, specially designed for SD video, web streaming & video mixers. It’s modern & easy to use!.


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Roland V-4EX Video Mixer 4CH is the result of the evolution of V-4 and V-8, so Roland Company, presents new features & better performance

it’s an Electronic Device which you can Mix  Videos from differents Sources.

it using HDMI input and output, Highly Compatible

& Amazing video Effects for your videos presentations

You can do it all in Real Time!

It’s speciallIy recommended for VIdeos Aplicattions, Meetings,  Clubs, and Web streaming

Besides it’s modern & easy to use!


So, You can enjoy the best video mixer with Roland V-4EX Video Mixer 4CH

iWhat’s NewRoland V-4EX Video Mixer 4CH ?

All -in -one

this mixer has incoporated special features that allows you enjoy of a device very completed

it’s built-in 4 channels and useful 4 inputs: 3 input for SD HDMI/Composite and 1 input forHDMI/RGB/Component/Composite  and PGM Output : HDMI ,RGB,Component  Composite. PVW. . But also it high tecnology for improve audio, with special functions as: lipsync, 4 channels mix, sound effects,  and audio embedding  that makes an awesome video perfomance.

So you can enjoy videos from blu-ray, tablet , smartphones, computers, etc.

Mixer with  HDCP

Roland V-4EX Video Mixer 4CH is compatible with HDCP,, now you can mix  and share videos and images from differents device. For example: you can mix a videos from blu ray with another one image from a web cam.

 Hundreds of effects and filters

it’s modern software  has incorporated  Effects transition 259 patterns for Mix, wipe and Cut, and 148 filters and composition as: picture-in pictures, chroma Key, negative, mirror and much more!

Main Features

  • Portable , lightweight & Compact
  • Modern and Multiviewer display with touch control
  • 4 Channels
  • Avalaible. HDMI, SD VIDEO, USB port
  • Professional Video Mixer
  • Audio Mixer & Delay -up to 4 frames
  • USB Streaming Out for web streaming
  • Illuminated buttons
  • Avalaible HDCP, 1080HD & Audio Embedding
  • Recommended web streaming  live cameras, conferencia.

Technicals Information

  • 3 Input (SD HDMI/Composite) + 1 Input (Up to 1080p HDMI/RGB/Component/Composite)
  • PGM Output (Up to 1080p HDMI + RGB/Component + Composite) + PVW Output (PVW/Multiviewer)
  • 480p/576p Progressive internal processing


  • AC adaptor,
  • Power Cord
  • RCA – BNC conversion plug x 2
  • Owner’s Manual

Live an Amazing Multimedia experience with
Roland V-4EX Video Mixer 4CH

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