Panasonic AK-UC3000GSJ 4K Studio Handy Camera

Panasonic AK-UC3000GSJ  4K Studio Handy Camera with LEMO CCU Connector is a professional, multi-format camera that captures 4K UHD, 1080i/p, or SD video using a single MOS sensor.

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Panasonic AK-UC3000GSJ  4K Studio Handy Camera is a professional, multi-format camera that captures 4K UHD, 1080i/p, or SD video using a single MOS sensor. It features a B4 mount, and integrates a conversion lens system that allows you to use virtually any 2/3″ format ENG lens to cover the large-format sensor. The camera can capture at NTSC or PAL broadcast compatible frame rates.

The  AK-UC3000GSJ  is designed for studio work and does not incorporate a recorder, instead outputting via 3G-SDI outputs or the fiber optic connection. It can also be used in a hand held configuration while retaining the same output capabilities.

It captures images at up to 59.94 fps in both 4K UHD and HD, and it features a hi-speed mode that allows you to capture at 239.76 or 200 fps in HD depending on what signal format you are shooting. Includes an internal digital zoom (two magnification), flow transmission function (future option) and IP control, cine-gamma curve, digital duplicator (x2),12-color color correction and easy matrix adjustment. 

Panasonic AK-UC3000GSJ 4K Studio Handy Camera produces HD images with high sensitivity and low noise. Independent servo controlled ND and CC filter wheels provide creative opportunities to handle a wide variety of shooting conditions.

The DRS function is available when capturing in HD. It automatically lessens the appearance of blocked shadows and blown highlights when dark and bright areas are mixed in the same scene. 


  • Color temperature display and adjustment from 2000 to 15,000K
  • Camera settings including VF markers can be saved to and loaded from an SD card
  • Lens files for flare and shading values are supported
  • The camera supports IP control and at a future time IP streaming
  • 12 VDC output with 2.5 and 1 A output ports
  • The body incorporates four user definable buttons







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