Marshall V-R173-DLW-DT Monitor

17.3″ HD Resolution IMD LCD Rack Mount Monitor with Waveform & Vectorscope Displays with Desk Top Stand. The input signal can be  broken into four quadrants.


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Marshall V-R173-DLW-DT 17.3″ Rack Mount Dual Link/Waveform Monitor with In-Monitor Display

The 17.3″ Marshall V-R173-DLW-DT monitor features 3G, Dual Link and DVI inputs and displays Waveform & Vectorscope, Digital Audio and a host of additional information in a 10 bit “no compromise” video path.

In Quad-View mode, you can break the input signal into four quadrants that simultaneously displays all of the vital information needed to keep your signal path within all most important specifications.

Monitor additional features include IMD protocol support for TSL, NVISION, Image Video, and MEI (Marshall Electronics) tricolor tally and in-monitor text systems via RS-485. Also include full CEA-608-B and CEA-708-B Closed Captioning, Timecode and VANC data.

The V-R173-DLW has an all-digital 1920×1080 LED-Backlit display. The LCD panel features a brightness of 400 cd/m² and a 600:1 contrast ratio making it ideal in a variety of environments and lighting conditions.

Vectorscope, Multi mode and Waveform Monitor mode

This monitor includes a real-time Waveform and Vectorscope along with support for SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and Dual Link SDI.

With the monitor in Multi mode, the screen will break into four quadrants and display Signal Input information (Link Status), Embedded Audio levels, a Waveform monitor, a Vectorscope and live video simultaneously.

Advanced Features

In-Monitor Display allows on-screen text and tally indication, controlled locally or remotely via a variety of video industry standard protocols.

Color temperature adjustment, aspect ratio settings, blue-only mode, and monochrome mode are a few of the advanced features allowing the Marshall V-R173-DLW-DT to be at home in any broadcast environment. Pixel-to-Pixel mode also allows native display of any incoming image format.

Marshall V-R173-DLW-DT Specifications

  • Inputs: 2 x 3G-SDI inputs with loop-through and SD-SDI, HD-SDI, & 3G-SDI support. SDI inputs can be used in tandem to do dual link.
    -1 x DVI-I input: supports digital DVI, HDMI (without audio), Analog video (RGB, YPbPr) to 162MHz.
  • Processing: 10-bit image processor. -4×3 and 16×9 aspect ratios. -High quality motion adaptive deinterlacer.
    -Time-code (LTC / VITC). -608/708 closed captioning. -Waveform monitor. –Vectorscope. -Ancillary data window.
    -16 channels of audio metering (SDI inputs only).
    -Standard Marshall IMD processing. -RotoMenu controlled OSD. -Four programmable function buttons. -System statistics monitoring in OSD.
    -Variety of markers.
  • Miscellaneous: Hard TALLY (Red, Yellow, Green LEDs). -Soft TALLY (in IMD).
    -RS-485 interface supports Marshall, Image Video and TSL protocols.
    -System supports color calibration. -RS-485 based firmware update.


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