Datavideo Go Replay Kit

  • HDR-10A Instant Replay Unit.
  • RMC-400 Instant Replay Controller.
  • USB Cable.
  • 2x 6ft SDI Cable.
  • DAC-8P HD-SDI to HDMI Converter.
  • HC-600 Carried Case.


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With the Go Replay Kit from Datavideo you have all the equipment you would need to add instant replay to your production packed in a compact portable case. It comes with the HDR-10A instant replay unit, RMC-400 controller, and cables. The case is durable and hard, and it comes with custom cut foam to protect the equipment during transportation. This Replay Go Kit can be paired with the SE-650 Record Go Kit or SE-650 Stream & Record Kit. It’s perfect for school sporting events because of its portability. Easily carry it to a production desk at your school gym or take it on-the-go to away games.

Datavideo HDR-10A Highlight Replay Recorder with HD/SD-SDI Input and Output.

  • Single-channel 3G/HD/SD- SDI input, output and loop-through with embedded audio
  • Internal 4GB buffer to capture and review the event
  • Jog/shuttle knob as a control input device (available separately)
  • GPI interface allows other devices such as switcher to trigger the playback
  • Recorded videos are saved in MOV format
  • Supports NTFS format without 2/4GB file size limitation
  • LISN (Local Interconnect Synchronous Network) connection between the main unit, remote controller, and other devices.

Datavideo RMC-400 Control Unit for HDR-10 Unit

  • Control up to 4 HDR-10 replay units at the same time via USB
  • One button replay short cut keys with variable mark-in values
  • T-Bar adjusts replay speeds from 0% (stopped motion) to 400% (4 x normal playback speed)
  • Jog wheel allows frame by frame movement in replay mode when paused or speed is at 0%
  • Shuttle wheel can FFWD as well as REW during replay

Pearstone USB 2.0 Type A Male to Type B Mini Male Cable (Black) – (6′)

  • This cable is fully compliant with all USB 2.0 specifications and standards
  • Backward compatible with USB 1.1 devices
  • It supports error-free data transfer speeds up to 480 Mbps

Go Replay Kit has 2 x Pearstone 6′ SDI Video Cable – BNC to BNC

  • OFC braided shielding
  • 75-ohm impedance

Datavideo DAC-8P HD/SD-SDI to HDMI 1080p/60 Converter

  • Converts video with embedded audio
  • HDMI 1.4 output and HD/SD-SDI loop output
  • Supports up to 1080p/60 NTSC or 1080p/50 PAL
  • Embeds RCA audio input onto HDMI output if RCA signal is separately connected


  • Hard carrying case for TP-600 / TP-650 Teleprompter.
  • Stylish and durable – ideal for mobile productions.
  • Ready for immediate use without having to customize foam padding inserts.
  • Lift out Contents of TP-600 and fit inside HC-600.
  • Supplied complete with internal foam.
  • Press & pull latches.
  • Secure impact resistant hinges with integrated feet.
  • Case can stand upright and level on hinge spine.
  • Solid core handle is both comfortable and durable.
  • Shock proof, vibration proof, dust proof and rust proof.
  • Low temperature (-25C / -13F) resistance tested.
  • Sealable for moisture protection.
  • Pressure release valve.

Go Replay Kit Specifications

  • HDR-10A Instant Replay Unit.
  • RMC-400 Instant Replay Controller.
  • USB Cable.
  • 2x 6ft SDI Cable.
  • DAC-8P HD-SDI to HDMI Converter.
  • HC-600 Carried Case.


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