BoxCast Advanced Plus 1 Year Subscription

Live Support & Monitoring 7-Days/Week.


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BoxCast Advanced Plus (1-Year Live Streaming Subscription)

The BoxCast Advanced Plus 1-Year Subscription is an ad-free live streaming service plan for the BoxCast streaming platform. BoxCast Advanced Plus is ideal for broadcasters who want to monetize their live video streaming.

BoxCast Advanced Plus allows up to 1080p resolution streaming at 6 Mb/s and unlimited viewership.

It includes advanced viewer analytics, ticketed broadcasts, scoreboard overlays, highlight clipping, the ability to accept donations, 12 months of recording and storage of broadcasts, phone/chat/email support 7 days a week, responsive embedding on any website, and more.

Either the BoxCaster Encoder or RTMP Encoder Activation, both sold separately, is required to be paired with BoxCast Advanced Plus to be able to use the service plan. BoxCast Advanced Plus is seamlessly compatible with the BoxCaster Encoder.

The BoxCast platform provides a fully end-to-end workflow, from acquisition to compression, cloud transcoding, archiving, video on demand, pay-per-view settings, and scalable delivery.

Seamless Companion to the BoxCaster

The BoxCast Advanced Plus plan works seamlessly with the BoxCaster Encoder to livestream your events. The BoxCaster Encoder or RTMP Encoder Activation are required to be purchased separately with BoxCast Advanced Plus.

Unlimited Streaming

Stream as many events as you want to as many viewers as possible. The BoxCast platform easily scales with your organization and doesn’t set limits on viewership quantity.

Embedded Player

Embed your video on any website. The embedded BoxCast Player does not rely on flash and utilizes adaptive bitrate streaming so your streams never buffer.

The player also features customizable thumbnail images, variable playback speeds, a playlist view, and the ability to add a countdown timer to your live stream.

Stream to Various Destinations

Stream your event to various RTMP destinations, including Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, and Twitch.

Ticketed Monetization

The Advanced Plus plan allows you to generate revenue by charging a pay-per-view ticket price for your broadcasts. Broadcasters receive 50% revenue share on all ticket sales.

Scoreboard Overlays

The Scoreboard overlays feature allows you to overlay live scoreboard graphics onto your broadcasts. Enter scores manually on the BoxCast Web Dashboard or free Broadcaster iOS app, or automatically using the optional BoxCast Wireless Scoreboard Adapter.

Specialist Support

BoxCast Advanced Plus users have access to live BoxCast specialist support by phone, chat, and email 7 days a week from 9AM to 9PM (from 7AM on Sundays).

Automatic Recording & 12 Months of Storage

With the BoxCast Advanced Plus plan, live broadcasts will be automatically recorded and stored for 12 months. After 12 months, your broadcast can be automatically deleted or you can continue storing the broadcast on an hourly cost.

Advanced Viewer Analytics

BoxCast’s Enhanced Viewer Analytics allows you to gain detailed insights into what, when, how, and where viewers tune in.

Download & Export Broadcasts to YouTube & Vimeo

Download your broadcasts or export them directly to YouTube and Vimeo.

Highlight Clipping

Clip highlights and quickly share them with your viewers and on social media.

Accept Donations

Accept donations to your organization. A 6% processing fee applies.

Onboarding with Streaming Support Specialist

Start off on the right foot and work with an expert BoxCast customer support analyst to set up your first broadcasts and answer any potential questions you might have.

Live DVR

Want to see a particular part of your stream again? Re-watch parts of your live broadcast, even as it’s happening in real-time.

Streaming Plan Activation

Upon purchase of a BoxCast streaming plan and a BoxCaster Encoder or RTMP Encoder Activation, an activation code will be emailed to you. Follow the instructions in the email to create your BoxCast account and start streaming.

BoxCast Advanced Plus Highlights

  • Ad-Free Plan for Live Stream Monetizing
  • Unlimited HD Streaming & Viewership
  • Responsive Embedded Player
  • Automatic Recording & 12 Months Storage
  • BoxCaster or BoxCast RTMP Required
  • Enhanced Viewer Analytics
  • Stream Live to Facebook, YouTube & More
  • Download and Export to YouTube & Vimeo
  • Highlight Clipping; Accept Donations
  • Live Support & Monitoring 7-Days/Week


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