Blackmagic Design MultiView 4 Visor

Blackmagic Design MultiView 4 Visor, multi ultra HD to monitor SDI video sources.


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Blackmagic Design  MultiView 4 Visor

Blackmagic Design  MultiView 4 Visor, is the ultra HD multi viewer that allows you to monitor independent SDI video sources on a single screen, either HD or Ultra HD. It has a sicronization of Frame in each entry, because it can well monitor the combination of formats in SD, HD and Ultra HD, all this at the same time and on the same screen. It has 4 independent 6G-SDI inputs that work with all the aforementioned formats.

For example, when you use an Ultra HD TV, the four-part view gives you four full-resolution 1080 HD monitors on a single screen. You only need to connect your source and you will have a 2X2 grid view on an HD TV or it can be Ultra HD, it uses an Ethernet remote control software included, you can also turn on the audio meters, choose what audio is going to be produced, as well as create custom labels tods these options and more you can enjoy acquiring this Product.

To the Blackmagic Design MultiView 4 Visor, you can also add an optional Teranex Mini Smart Panel to control the front panel and thus get the ultimate in transmission reliability and redundancy,

You can take advantage of the high resolution screens to see each source with greater clarity. The super vision of multiple views is perfect for massive control room use with lots of incoming channels, either for live production with multiple cameras or in locations with small spaces where they do not have much space to place a large number of monitors or many cables

You with the Blackmagic Design MultiView 4 Visor, Solo will connect your cameras, covers, switches and routers to the SDI connections to see everything with incredible clarity and detail on a single HD or Ultra HD monitor. What do you expect to acquire this product, which provides technology at the lowest price in the market.

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