Anywave Multi-Stream Processor

Anywave Multi-Stream Processor.

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Anywave Multi-Stream Processor

Anywave Multi-Stream Processor, is a processor that incorporates a dynamic PSIP generator and inserter. It has 4 HD / SD SDI inputs, also converts and exchanges 4CVBS inputs on 4 SDI outputs, supports 4 ASI inputs in integrated Multiplexer with 2 ASI outputs, and manages EAS control signals and switching.

The Anywave Multi-Stream Processor, has a module that provides annual switching between 4 incoming SDI inputs and 4 SDI signals converted from CVBS sources, with automatic EAS switching of the EAS signal, which overrides all manual settings when an EAS trip occurs.



  • 4 CVBS inputs: composite video (yellow) and stereo audio (white and red). Connector: RCA.
  • 4 SDI inputs: compatible with SD-SDI / HD-SDI: BNC female 75 Ω.
  • EAS IN: composite video (yellow) and stereo audio (white and red) Connector: RCA.
  • EAS CTRL IN: EAS trigger, 6-pin slot 4 ASI inputs: Connector: BNC female 75 Ω Signal processing.
  • Converts 4 CVBS inputs to SDI signals.
  • Manually switches between 4 incoming SDI inputs and 4 converted SDI signals.
  • Automatically converts EAS IN signals to SDI formats when the EAS trip occurs.
  • Send the selected source or EAS signal through 4 SDI.
  • 4 ASI entries in MUX with cherry picking program.
  • In stock.
  • In the Packaging: Anywave Multi-Stream Processor.


  • 4 SDI outputs: source of 4 SDI inputs and 4 CVBS inputs, or EAS signal when EAS fires for the last time. Connector: BNC female 75 Ω.
  • EAS OUT: EAS IN output, A / V signal.
  • EAS CTRL OUT: output of EAS CTRL IN, 6-pin slot.
  • 2 Mux ASI outputs: Connector: BNC female 75 Ω Controls.
  • ETH MCU: used for the graphical user interface. Connector: RJ – Base 45, 10 / 100M – T.
  • PSIP ETH: used for PSIP source input and configuration connector : RJ – 45, 10 / 100M base – T Other.
  • Power supply: 88 ~ 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C (+ 32 ° F ~ + 122 ° F).
  • Operating humidity: ≤ 95%.
  • Size: 1 RU, 19 “wide.
  • Weight: 10 LBS (net) / 15 LBS (gross).


  • Static and dynamic PSIP generator and inserter, with automatic ingestion of EPG (TMS, etc.).
  • Provides 4 HD / SD SDI inputs, fully compatible with SDI standards.
  • Convert 4 CVBS inputs to SDI signals.
  • Manual switching between 4 incoming SDI inputs and 4 converted SDS signals from analog to digital CVBS on 4 SDI outputs.
  • Automatically switches 4 SDI outputs to EAS signal when the EAS trip occurs, resumes to the original outputs when the EAS trigger is stopped.
  • Provides EAS signal and EAS control signal output.
  • 4 ASI inputs on board Multiplexer, with program cherry selection on 2 ASI outputs.

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