Anywave Low Power TV Transmitters

The new Anywave Low Power TV Transmitters provides the broadcaster with the latest state-of-the-art digital transmitter design.


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The new Anywave Low Power TV Transmitters provides the broadcaster with the latest state-of-the-art digital transmitter design. The LPTV family delivers the highest levels of performance and reliability without costing extra. It’s streamline and efficient design offers outstanding configuration flexibility and exceptional operating convenience within a small footprint.

The LPTV series delivers high performing cost effective solutions without compromise. These convection air cooled Solid State (50V LDMOS technology) transmitters range in output power from 2W ATSC, 1W DVT2 and ISDB-Tb and 2W analog TV to 700W ATSC, 500W DVB-T2 and ISDB-Tb, 1000W analog TV. They operate across all modulation standards including ATSC, ATSC-M/H, ATSC3.0, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-H, ISDB-T, ISDB-Tb, analog standards B/G, M/N, I and color standards PAL and NTSC.

The Anywave digital exciter offers the most advanced and highest performing correction technology in the world. Their powerful ADPC™ (Adaptive Digital Pre-Correction) algorithm and patented multi-dimensional pre-correction technology delivers RF Performance Metrics (SNR/MER and Shoulder) never before realized in LPTV transmitters. The Anywave Low Power TV Transmitters incorporates the powerful correction capabilities of the 3X, 5X and 9X digital exciter platforms.

The transmitter includes a digital ultra-wideband noise processing technology that automatically detects and compensates phase noise to achieve unparalleled performance. The patented AIM™ (Adaptive Impedance Match) technology ensures impedance matching at the RF Output. The front panel of the transmitter includes a user friendly graphical display for control and status monitoring including a real time measurement and display of the shoulder levels and SNR of the transmitted signal.

Anywave Low Power TV Transmitters Features

  • Simple, cost-effective, high-performing, professional solution for UHF and VHF LPTV
  • ATSC Transmitter or RF Translator applications supports all international analog and digital standards
  • Stand alone Exciter with auto-adaptive error correction
  • Multi-standard capability: Analog, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ATSC, ATSC3.0, ISDB-T/Tb
  • Dual Cast capability: digital TV and analog TV in the same transmitter
  • Latest Power Amplifier LDMOS Technology
  • DOHERTY (optional – 500W and higher) for highest efficiency
  • Available in UHF IV/V and VHF Band III
  • Simple efficient air cooling system
  • Innovative DDRF™ (Direct Digital RF) broadband automatic balancing technology achieves near perfect RF performance: MER > 36 dB, shoulder levels < -55 dB, out of band spurious < -60 dB and ultra low noise floor.



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