Anywave Channel Digital Repeater

Anywave Channel Digital Repeater is high technology electronic device that allows to receives, extends or trasmits signals from Digital and Mobile TV. it’s modern and easy to use!


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Anywave Channel Digital Repeater is  high technology electronic device that allows to receive, transmits or extends signals. it’s professional modern and easy to use!

It’s very useful for digital and mobile tv.

Thinking in the costumers, Anywave Company presents an electronic device highly compatible with most of signals used  for TV  like: DTMB, CMMB, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ISDB-T, ATSC, and ATSC-MH. But it can be used  for  digital as standard signals . So you’re getting a functional RF component

Besides, Anywave Company wants to cover all the requirements that you need for a best performance on channel digital repeater, for that they uses modern design  that allows you handle it very easily.

High-tech is Anywave Channel Digital Repeater

Anywave Channel Digital Repeater it has built-in AECTM  (Adaptive Echo Cancellation), that is eliminates dynamically varying echoes from the received signal, so you get a best quality.

Besides,  its installation is very easy, it provides a stable operation and it reduces operation costs, So you are saving money and you’re making a good investment.

What new about Anywave Channel Digital Repeater?

it’s a high technology on-channel digital repeater that brings to you a series of advance features:

For outdoors:

Designed for be used iin outdoors offers to you protection toughest evironment

Powerful Amplification

It has incorporated LDMOS tech that improves the power amplification.  Besides it’s equalized and optimized coverage when multiple units in use

Auto Mute Function

It’s an automatic mute function that  mutes RF output when is detected of. That improve the performance sound and reduce noises.

Adaptive Digital Pre-Correction

Anywave has incorporated in Anywave Channel Digital Repeater improving for corrections of all linear and non-linear distortion

Fully indicator

You can check status from several types of indicator like: Echo Signal Strength Indicator (ESSI) , Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) & Received Signal to Noise Ratio (RSNR)

So, you get the best field signals condition and easy handle.

Technical specifications:

  • RF Input
    Frequency: UHF
    Level: -70 dBm ~ -10 dBm
    Connector: 1/2” N-type, female, 50 Ω
    RF Bandwidth: 6 or 8 MHz
  • RF Output
    Frequency: UHF
    Rated Maximum Output Power: 50 W / 100 W / 200 W
  • RF Delay Mode
    Adjustable Delay Range: 500000 μs
  • Echo Cancellation Mode
    Echo Cancellation: 30 dB (typical value)
  • Output power levels: 50W/100W/200W

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