Anywave 6 Pole Filter UHF-DTV-3Kw

Anywave  6 Pole Filter UHF-DTV-3Kw (BPF-U-6-3KW)  is a high-tech RF component, it has built-in 6 Poles, specially  created for processing signals . It’s modern, easy to install and highly compatible!

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Anywave  6 Pole Filter UHF-DTV-3Kw is a high technology RF component, it has built-in 6 Poles,  and  3000 w specially  created for processing signals . It’s modern, easy to install and highly compatible

Anywave  6 Pole Filter UHF-DTV-3Kw is High-Tech & High-Q in processing signals!

The model BPF-U-6-3kw is  designed for to maintain temperature compensated and  it produces low loss.  But Also this RF component is Tunable within entire UHF range and it enables to use High Quality Coax Technique.

Besides Anywave  6 Pole Filter UHF-DTV- 3Kw  is has built-in technology circuits that allows you a best performance in signals processing including Ultra High Frequency. But also the model  BPF-U-6-3kw  is made of solid structure which makes it   most durable and most  resistant

In addiition, this RF component can be used as DTV as ATV

 Anywave’s Company

The Company Anywave is a worldwide company that offers the best products and accessories for communications and telecommunications, they have developed high engineering in each one of the line of their products. For All types of  communications projects,, Anywave will be for you!

Additionally, they use in all product and accessories the better materials, 100% resistant capable to resist  the toughest environments.

So, you’re saving money and you’re making an excellent investment which you can enjoy your products for long, long time!

What new about Anywave  6 Pole Filter UHF-DTV-3Kw?

High-Q and High-Tech comes together with this RF component that makes it easy all your operation including processing signals.

Key Features:

  • Model :BPF-U-6-3KW
  • Part number: 200537.01
  • Suitable for ATV and DTV
  • UHF
  • Built-in 6 poles
  • Frequency Range: 470 ~ 862 MHz
  • Power Capability: 3000W Average
  • Bandwidth: 6, 7, and 8 MHz
  • VSWR:≤ 1.2
  •  Connectors: 1/ 5/8 EIA DIN Type
  • Weight: <59kg (130LBS)
  • Dimensions: 479 x 851 x 410mm (19” x 34” x 16.2”)
  • Customization available

 Anywave  6 Pole Filter UHF-DTV-3Kw

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