Anton Bauer Performance Quad Charger-GM

Anton Bauer Performance Quad Charger-GM allocates the most power to the highest-charged battery first and subsequently to the next most charged ones.


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Anton Bauer Performance Quad Charger-GM allocates the most power to the highest-charged battery first and subsequently to the next most charged ones. The process is similar to a champagne glass pyramid where the top-most glass overflows into those below it. 

Is 40% more efficient than previous Anton Bauer chargers by employing faster processing, using a smaller transformer in the power supply, and drawing less amps. It is compatible with the gold-plated batteries of the Digital Battery series and all previous Anton Bauer models, and is capable of being charged simultaneously and with multiple chemical products.

A feature called InterActivity allows the charger to communicate with an Anton Bauer battery and allocate the best possible charging routine based on battery chemistry and the best possible termination algorithm (TCO, -ΔV temperature compensation VCO, dT / dt , CCO, FUL or I-min), ensuring a better life in general. 

A 4-pin XLR output allows you to power your camera directly from the charger via an XLR cable or converter cable. This can be done without power from the wall while charging the batteries or connected batteries if the charger is unplugged. The batteries in the latter case are hot swappable so you can power your camera with uninterrupted power.

The charger has an easy-to-use touch screen that provides activity and status updates and access to management functions. It also supports an optional Wi-Fi software feature that allows you to remotely manage the health and condition of one or more chargers in the Anton Bauer Performance Quad Charger-GM series. 

It is a revolutionary tool, is compatible with the series of digital batteries and presents an efficient charging algorithm for the simultaneous loading of multi-chemistry. The algorithm guarantees fast charging of up to four batteries at a time, all while conserving energy, eliminating waste and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Anton Bauer Performance Quad Charger-GM Features: 

  • Ergonomic design with one-hand carry handle.
  • Assigns the best termination algorithm possible.
  • Supports simultaneous, multi-chemistry charging.
  • Allocates the most power to the highest-charged battery.
  • Simple-to-use touchscreen activity, status, and management display.
  • Supports optional remote health and status management software feature.
  • 4-pin XLR output for powering your camera off of wall power or battery power.
  • Assigns the best charge routine possible based on the battery’s cell chemistry.


  • XLR port: Yes.
  • Weight: 3.6 kg.
  • LCD display: Yes.
  • Touch screen: Yes.
  • Mount: Gold Mount.
  •  AC power supply: Yes.
  • Charging Position: Four.
  • Charging Specification: Simultaneous.
  • Dimensions:  41.91 x 22.10 x 25.15 cm.
  • WIFI control SW: Pending software release.
  • Charging capability: 4 Position Simultaneous, Multi-Chemistry Fast Charging.

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