Anywave 10000W-HPTV Transmitter RF

Anywave 10000W-HPTV Transmitter RF Consists in liquid cooled power amplifiers connected in parallel for both digital and analog transmission.

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Anywave 10000W-HPTV Transmitter RF Consists in liquid cooled power amplifiers connected in parallel for both digital and analog transmission. Each amplifier is able to deliver 1,250W power for ATSC or 1,000W output power in OFDM transmission. 

The new liquid cooled power amplifier module utilizes the latest high power LDMOS technology. The power amplifier module is fully broadband, covering the entire 470-700 MHz UHF range and 174-470 MHz VHF range, employs only the latest state-ofthe-art.

Each module incorporates a redundant high efficiency switch-mode AC/DC power supply section. Redundancy is guaranteed by three independent power supplies working at reduced power: the amplifier can work at full power with only two operative power supplies.  

The power amplifiers require no tuning and are selfprotected against VSWR, RF input overdrive, over current, over temperature, over voltage and under voltage. The modules are hot-pluggable thanks to the use of isolated combiners, allowing safe removal and insertion without interrupting transmitter operation.

An innovative release device operating from the  Anywave 10000W-HPTV Transmitter RF front panel allows an automatic removal of the amplifier itself, operating only from the front of the transmitter. When the amplifier module is released, all power supply circuitry inside the rack that is related to the amplifier mains supply are disabled. 

The incorporated quick disconnect interface ensures engagement and disengagement from the liquid cooling circuit without loss of liquid coolant. To ensure maximum safety, taps operating on ¼ of a turn, allow an additional manual safety close-off of the hydraulic connection to each amplifier.

All transmitters are completely Dual-Cast. Transmitters are practically the same for analog and digital broadcasting. It is possible to switch from one standard to the other by simply selecting the mode on the exciter’s control display. This allows the transmitter to be easily changed between analog and digital operation with a slight recalibration of the system. 


Each power amplifier incorporates its own Control Logic Section, which receives and manages all information provided by the RF Section and power supply. In order to protect the module from serious damage, the Control Logic Section is designed to directly control the power amplifiers and, at the same time, to transfer information to the equipment’s supervisory control logic via an extremely fast and safe CAN-bus connection. 

The cooling system used for the power amplifier consists of a high efficiency cold plate which performs the thermal exchange between the electronic devices and the liquid coolant (water and glycol mixture). The HPTV-series splitting and combining system is a single-block unit able to operate as the amplifier modules input signal splitter and the RF output power combiner, including the unbalance loads. 

Cooling Method: The cooling system is a key factor regarding system efficiency. The Anywave cooling system has been optimized for efficiency without compromising reliability. The cooling system with the Anywave Transmitter is equipped with efficient field-proven components. The pump rack contains two pump motors that operate in active standby to ensure high system availability.

Anywave 10000W-HPTV Transmitter RF Features:

  • Remote control via Web Browser.
  • LCD Touch Screen Control System.
  • Available in UHF IV/V and VHF Band III.
  • Latest Power Amplifier LDMOS Technology.
  • Innovative highly efficient liquid cooling system.
  • Multi-standard capability: DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ATSC, ATSC3.0 and ISDB-T/Tb.


  • Frequency Range: 470-700 MHz UHF, 54-88 MHz.
  • Power Supply: 230V/400V +/- 15%.
  • Relative Humidity: 95% without condensation.
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to +45°C.
  • Maximum Operating Altitude: Up to 2000 meters.
  • Local Control: Display(s) and USB ports.
  • Remote Control: Ethernet for HTTP, RS-232, Parallel.
  • Test points:  RF out monitor, RF amp output, RF exciter output.

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