Anywave DTV WiFi Set Top Box DTWF3000

Is ideal for mobile reception and hot spots to provide wireless coverage and multimedia services. It supports all standards, DTWF-3000-A3 (ATSC3.0), DTWF-3000-I (ISDBT), DTWF-3000-T (DVBT-T2).

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Anywave DTV WiFi Set Top Box DTWF3000

The Anywave DTV WiFi Set Top Box DTWF3000 multimedia network server is ideal for mobile reception and hot spots to provide wireless coverage and multimedia services.

It supports all standards, DTWF-3000-A3 (ATSC3.0), DTWF-3000-I (ISDBT), DTWF-3000-T (DVBT-T2).

Its unique hardware and software design supports various network access functions, making it ideal for operators to create the industry’s leading broadcasting and mobile access solutions.

This DTV to Wi-Fi Set Top Box meets today’s mobile users’ needs to quickly and easily get multimedia information, inexpensively and reliably.

With the rapid expansion of the Internet and the ever expanding data needs of the mobile user, the demands for mobile access are increasing at an exponential rate.

Even with well established wireless communication, broadcasting, and high speed internet infrastructure, the Anywave DTV to WiFi Set Top Box DTWF3000 has its own unique advantage by providing customers with a variety of network interconnection nodes, and special services to achieve a superior distribution between different networks and different types of services.

End users access broadcast video and audio, interactive entertainment, WiFi Internet, information “push”, local demand and other rich services while enjoying a smoother, more economical multimedia experience through one simple and unified interface.

Features WLAN

  • Access the local server via WLAN. The DTWF3000 has a built-in high-speed Gigabit network processing channel which can support up to 50 simultaneous user connections while maintaining reliable video services.
  • Users can easily connect to the server via mobile phone, tablet, PC and any other WLAN terminal without the need for specialized equipment.

Home Portal

  • Via WLAN users have access to a Home Portal page that provides live video, video on demand, Wi-Fi Internet registration, and advertising. No specialized software is required. The Home Portal page is supported by IOS, Android and other operating systems.


  • Built-in multi-channel multi-standard receiver simultaneously demodulates up to 3 OTA TV channels, each of which may consist of multiple audio and video programs.
  • UHD, HD and SD access without requiring broadband data.
  • On demand programing is obtained via local drive(s).

Wireless Internet

  • The DTWF3000 can provide users with wireless Internet access.
  • Built-in 3G/4G communication module and gateway functions, send/receive packets between WLAN, 3G/4G Layer bridging, routing, and also handles internal to external IP address translation.


  • Digital broadcasting network, low-cost transmission channel, high speed download rate, high concurrent streaming media data to local network.
  • Mobile data network, providing two-way data service coverage; provides Internet access, control, interactive features.
  • WLAN, tablet and other mobile terminals for wireless access, free high-speed access to the local database.


  • Live Video: user can watch real-time television programs via WLAN without using mobile data.
  • ON-Demand video: You can send more programs via broadcasting and then stored in local drives, so that no mobile data is consumed.
  • Advertising: Information and advertisements can be easily pushed to on-demand video service for better attention.
  • Customized services: You can use it for private data, real-time video and vehicles or pedestrian GPS information transmission.
  • Other services: Data services of various industries.

Anywave DTV WiFi Set Top Box Specifications

  • Weight: 2 Kg 4.41LBS
  • Dimensions (excluding antenna interfaces and accessories): 400 X 44 X 260mm (15.8” x 1.73” 10.2”) Available in standard 19-inch rack form
  • Power supply: 110 – 220 VAC
  • 1000M Ethernet port: 2
  • Video Interface: HDMI
  • Video: AVS, AVS +, Mpeg2, H.264
  • Audio: MP3, AAC, DRA, AC3
  • RF Receiver Operating Frequency: 50 ~ 860MHz
  • Broadcast Standard: DVB-T/T2/LITE ISDB-T ATSC3.0 (Coming Soon) Supports CA decryption
  • Mobile Data: TD-LTE 68Mbps (DL), 18Mbps (UL) @ 20MHz TD-FDD 100Mbps (DL), 50Mbps (UL) @ 20MHz
  • Live video: Supports up to 12 SD channels of live broadcast Supports D1,720p, 1080p format, playback rate 256Kbps ~ 6Mbps
  • Network Streaming Protocol: HLS, DASH.
  • Users access: Supports up to 50 users, each with 1Mbps of bandwidth access
  • Portal Authentication: Supports local PORT, PORTAL server mode Supports local authentication and server authorization
  • Software platform: IOS, Android

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