Angelbird AV Pro CF 240GB SSD

Angelbird AV Pro CF 240GB SSD It is a data storage device that uses non-volatile memory, such as flash memory to store data. 


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Angelbird AV Pro CF 240GB SSD It is a data storage device that uses non-volatile memory, such as flash memory to store data. No need to use magnetic or conventional hard disk drives, your storage is now safer.

Compared to traditional hard drives, solid-state drives are less sensitive to shocks as they have no moving parts, are practically inaudible, and have a shorter access and latency time, which translates into an exponential performance improvement in the load times of the operating systems.

They use the same SATA interface as hard drives, so they are easily interchangeable without having to resort to adapters or expansion cards to make them compatible with the equipment. Being immune to external vibrations, it is especially suitable for vehicles, laptops.

For its tranquility when using Angelbird AV Pro CF 240GB SSD has been approved and is designed for professionals. They have read speeds of up to 540 MB / s, write speeds of up to 380 MB / s and come with a security bag to provide protection against X-rays and magnetic data damage.

They are especially useful on a computer that has already reached the maximum RAM. For example, some x86 architectures have a 4 GB limit, but this can be extended by placing an SSD as an exchange file, thus improving performance with respect to placing the exchange file on a traditional hard drive.

Your art thrives on spontaneity. In the creative moment, you must work with complete freedom and confidence, trusting in your artistic vision and in your tools. At Angelbird, we speak your language and design products that support your creative process without getting in the way. 

Angelbird AV Pro CF 240GB SSD Features: 

  • Stable Stream.
  • Rock-solid build.
  • ESD & overload protection.
  • X-ray & magnetic protection.
  • ESD and Overload Protection.
  • Atomos, Canon, Blackmagic, Phantom and Hasselblad compatible.


  • Type: CFast 2.0.
  • Capacity: 240GB.
  • Weight:  10.0 g  (0.35 oz).
  • Write speed: up to 380MB/s.
  • Read speed: up to 540MB/s.
  • Dimensions: 42.8 × 36.4 × 3.3 mm.

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