Voice Technologies VT1126-0137 Power

Voice Technologies VT1126-0137 Phantom Power Supply for Wireless Lavalier Microphoneshe Power Supply provides a direct XLR connection to microphones



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Voice Technologies VT1126-0137 Power

Voice Technologies VT1126-0137 Power Phantom Power Supply for Wireless Lavalier Microphones.

He Power Supply provides a direct XLR connection to microphones that are wired for wireless bodypack transmitters. It will also enable the microphone to be powered from any preamp that supplies 48V phantom power.  This connector features a standard 3-pin XLR male output and TA4S input connector for Shure wireless microphones.

 All these features make the this product an excellent choice for a equipment that combines quality, fidelity, resistance and comfort for its use. Wireless Lavalier Microphone they also work with the commonwirings of Sanken COS-11, Tram TR50+ and Sonotrim microphones.

 Voice Technologies VT1126-0137 Power The RF shielding work nicely to avoid those annoying interference issues. This small artifact is a gem in technology because it allows high quality recordings over long distances, we use state of the art lightweight materials to ensure you barely notice the adapter and more advanced configuration helps to record loud and crisp sound when interviewing

The omnidirectional polar pattern picks up sound from all directions and its 40 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response has a slight high-frequency boost to enhance vocal clarity. Voice Technologies VT1126-0137 Power No batteries required, omnidirectional lavalier provides a uniform frequency response and limits unwanted noise pickup.  Yields a generous pickup area while maintaining adequate feedback. Undoubtedly: Voice Technologies products are built to a standard of offering the best solutions for a wide range of applications.

Voice Technologies VT1126-0137 Power Specification

     Modelo: 0137
     SKU: VT0137
  • Serie:VT1126
  • TA4S Connection
  • For Shure Mics
  • 3-pin XLR Connection


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