Voice Technologies VT100-0132 Microphone

Voice Technologies VT100-0132 Microphone is a cardioid microphone with a miniature capsule head for applications where there is an abundance of ambient sound.


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Voice Technologies VT100-0132 Microphone is a cardioid microphone from VT100 Series with a miniature capsule head for applications where there is an abundance of ambient sound. Cardioid lavaliers are generally used in these noisy environments or when the talent is close to monitor speakers and do a good job of producing a clear, intelligible voice over the noise. 

The microphone consists of a subminiature capsule, capable of inconspicuous placement on clothing or hair and a detachable cable. The capsule can be detached from the cable, for easy replacement of a damaged cable or the ability to quick-swap cables terminated for different wireless types in the field. 

Voice Technologies VT100-0132 Microphone is designed for Shure and Sabine Wireless Systems. It features audio-fidelity characteristics that are intended for capturing vocals and speech in crucial recording, stage performances, presentations, speech and broadcast applications. The cardioid polar pattern minimizes off-axis noise and feedback. 

To sum up, the microphone is designed for clear accurate voice reproduction for vocalists, lecturers, stage and television talent. Perfect for public address and presenters. Because of the low-profile design is ideal for applications requiring minimum visibility and is easely hidden in clothin or hair. 

Swiss precision for excellent audio quality

Voice Technologies has committed itself to the classic Swiss valuesInventive ideas, precision, top-quality materials and modern fabrication techniques. Our products are built to a standard of offering the best solutions for a wide range of applications.

It comes in the waterproof VTO box with 2 accessories:

• Alligartor Clip: 360 degree rotatable with integrated cable grab.
• Windscreen

Voice Technologies VT100-0132 Microphone Specifications:

• Generating Element: Subminiature Cardioid Condenser
• Polar pattern: Cardioid
• Frequeny Response: 20Hz – 15kHz
• Sensitivity: -44dB +/- 3dB (7.0mV)
• Max. Input SPL: 130dB
• Impedance: 1600 Ohm
• Cable: Detachable cable terminated with a 3-wire Pigtail (Unterminated), 1.5 meter length x 1.5 mm diameter
• Microphone Dimensions: Ø 5,3mmx 21mm length
• Weight: 13g
• Color: black


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