Roland OP-R26CW Cover For R26

 Roland OP-R26CW Cover For R26 is a case , cover and windscreen  specially designed for Six channels Portable Recorder R-26.The highest quality for keep safe your Roland Device and enjoy the best sound experience!



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Now, you can enjoy the best protection for your R-26 device, with  Roland OP-R26CW Cover For R26, That  lets you to take it wherever you want, keep safe your R-26, while you are in motion, but this is not  all, besides it  can reduce outside noise!

All in just one product!

  What’s new Roland OP-R26CW Cover For R26?

  • It’s offer you maximun confornt for protection, because it’s custom-designed, so it get a perfect fit. You can move and  at the same time you can get reduce noise with this case.
  • High quality in manufacturing materials,Roland OP-R26CW Cover For R26  is made of high density fibers and synthetic skin that offers you  a product durable and strong.
  • Besides, it’s materials let you protect your device in differents environments: heat, humidity, fog,etc
  • Protection against wind: Additionally this case has a windscreen designed for reduce noise caused by wind. It’s made in high quality fibers
  • It adapt to you! Roland OP-R26CW Cover For R26 bring for you, a pair of straps 100% adaptable
  • its straps are highly resistant and easy to use

Why is an essential accesory a Roland OP-R26CW Cover For R26?

If you wants get great recorder , without annoying noises and you don’t care for your moves, definitely  you needs a Roland OP-R26CW Cover For R26.

It is not an expense but an investment, when you buy a case, you are protecting your investment. Besides, you are improving the quality of your equipment and extending its useful life.


  • Elegant, modern and strong design
  • 100% case designed for the Roland R-26 Portable Recorder built-im 6 channels
  • Protection against the wind and environmental agents
  • Made Synthetic skin and fiber
  • Easy to use
  • Straps made in the best textile materials. Adjustable as needed
  • Guaranteed quality

So, you don’t wait , you go to buy Roland OP-R26CW Cover For R26

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