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Power and Energy

The energy cost during industrial processes can vary from one place to another, but ultimately they are one of the factors that directly influence the cost of production, because the higher the cost or energy value, the higher the cost of the final product. Which can lead your business to success or failure. For this reason, Skytek Global, a leading company in the supply of raw materials and with a business philosophy of sustainable development and care for the environment, also offers energy alternatives for you to start your business, your business or your projects.

In short, the use of solar panels provides a source of energy that can be constantly renewed; they do not require almost any type of maintenance, they do not have mechanical parts or structures. Skytek Global has incorporated high-tech photovoltaic cells in each of the models, which allows them to have a high performance and reduce up to 85% of the expenses caused by consumption of other production energy sources such as the use of electricity, gas or other hydroelectric sources.

Why Choose Us

We offer a wide range of solar panels, which offer a natural energy supply, but at the same time controlled, manufactured under the highest quality standards and following international standards for its manufacture. It is also an ecological choice, that damages produced for example by combustion or by attrition of natural resources. In this way, the waste of other resources such as water is avoided, in order to obtain electrical energy and which has a higher cost at the energy, ecological and economic levels.

Clean Unpolluted

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Easy and Affortable

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Lasting & Long Term

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Generated From Nature

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Research & Development


We are leaders in the distribution, marketing and sale of alternative and ecological energy sources and power, but 100% sustainable for domestic, industrial and commercial use. We think of a planet earth that can remain our home indefinitely. Our philosophy of ecological conscience aims to be an inspiration for other companies, for our clients and for the community in general, making it possible for all of us to believe that environmental conservation, the use of solar energy and the recycling process are profitable investments for our finances but also for mother earth.

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We believe in the ecological proposals, and the importance of the use of solar energy as a source of natural energy capable of offering high-tech energy solutions together with Century Commodities, which offer the power and energy option for any industrial process, significantly reducing the cost of production, through the use of high performance solar panels, high durability and high technology, which ultimately; It is a 100% sustainable and profitable option

We offer you customer service, via call center, social networks and e-mail, with a highly trained team capable of providing you with information that allows you to search, select and buy, the energy solution and source of power appropriate to your needs. Increase your profits by reducing production costs and turn your projects into big investments!

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